Twisted Fate Essay Contest

Congratulations to our spooky writers!!!

It has been a long month and seven brave writers have given us their best shivers.

We appreciate everyone that entered.

After weeks of frightful competition, Kismet is proud to present our winners:

In second place:

Having out-spooked nearly all of the competition, our second place with 53 votes is:

The Demon in the Woodshed, by Daniel Davidson. 

Check back here for the featured author page we are fixing to post. First, there must be an interview with the man himself.

And, in first place with 70 votes:

Just Evil by Amber Smith

Congratulations, Amber!

Check back here for the interview with our frightening mistress of evil and the featured author page we’re going to dedicate to her.

Kismet wants to thank and congratulate everyone who entered our Twisted Fate contest. Win or lose, you had the courage to put your work up for the world to see!

Keep creating and watch for more contest opportunities from Kismet Writing and Development.

Follow your destiny, tell your story. Let us help you.

It’s Kismet.

Twisted Fate Halloween Short Story Contest 2020 Contestants

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