Stephen Axtell

Denver Publishing Institute Certification
Denver University, August 2019

Member EFA

Stephen Axtell has been working with developing writers for five years. He provides ghostwriting, tutoring, consultation, and editing services. His educational background in Literature, Education, and Publishing gives him a broad base from which to help authors maximize their writing potential. He works with writers of all skill levels and particularly enjoys helping authors work through the narrative difficulties of serial works.


“I have learned a lot about writing from Stephen. His passion for grammar encouraged me without making me feel terrible about my issues with writing. I will keep working with Stephen as long as I write.”
Amanda B.

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Karrie Stewart

Karrie Stewart has been editing and proofreading works for over five years. She provides structural line editing and proofreading. Large or small projects, her keen eye for detail and continuity issues provides a clean final piece. She enjoys often catching what other eyes have not.  

“Wow! Karrie is a superhero. Her secret power is really not a secret to those of us who work with her. Karrie has a super ability to absorb the stories, the emotions, and the message and turn it into a successful business for writers.”  Robert Kain

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