The Clown Queen

“Twisted Fate” Halloween Short Story Contest

Follow the darkness…
Terrify us with your foul fables.
Enter to win $250 and explore your twisted fate. Contest ends on October 30th.

“The circus is coming! The circus is coming!” Trinity screamed as she ran enthusiastically down the sidewalk after seeing the flyer for the traveling circus this Saturday and Sunday. Trinity knew that the circus meant she was going to be able to see her favorite thing in the world…clowns.

It took forever for Saturday to arrive. Trinity was first in line, as she wanted to get in early. That’s because before the circus started, the best clowns, with the best acts, entertained the audience as they filled the stands. The doors finally opened, and Trinity walked in proudly. A king clown greeted her and collected her ticket. The king clown looked at Trinity eerily for a moment, and after a concerning pause motioned for her to follow. The clown walked down the stairs, and right into the center ring. Under a spotlight there was a chair waiting. After a brush of the seat he motioned Trinity to sit, and she obliged. He whispered into her ear, “You are the clown queen.”

The king clown disappeared. A second frowning clown arrived. The clown offered her a flower. Trinity smelled the flower, and her nose burned as a mist released on her face. Immediately the room spun like a spinning carousel at the carnival. The clown leaned in, frowning. She focused on his oversized face. The face, especially the cheeks that pushed down the frown, slightly melted. Trinity felt like she was dreaming. There was something scary about the neutral gaze of the clown. The way that the open eyes didn’t blink, and the half frown painted with blood red makeup was scary, Trinity could not tell if she was dreaming. She hoped so. The clown leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “You are the clown queen.”

Another clown approached, this one with an echoed laugh that rocked Trinity’s ears and bones. This was a fearful smiling clown with a blood red nose. The clown threw a bucket of water on her. Her eyes tripped over the trails, and the water transformed into trails of confetti. The rainbow-colored papers made her vision dance, as she inhaled a magic clown dust. The clown whispered, “You are the clown queen.”

Trinity became so groggy she almost fell over. The entire audience hysterically laughed at her. She was obviously drugged. She looked into the crowd and struggled to focus on the face of a balding father in the front row. He was pointing at her, trying desperately to share the moment with his daughter. The daughter was more preoccupied by her cotton candy as she stood next to the drunken housewife with curly hair. The wife dressed in a yellow polka dot dress with a green apron from the 1950’s

A baby clown with a beard, a cigar, and a blood red balloon drove up in a mini car and sprayed her in the face with a seltzer bottle of alcohol. The intent was to drunken Trinity even more, yet as a twist of fate, Trinity came out of the drug induced haze with a jump of adrenaline from the alcohol. Thank god Trinity was an alcoholic and used alcohol to straighten herself out many times.

Regaining consciousness, Trinity jumped off the chair and sprinted toward the exit. As she came out of the haze of high drugs, she looked up to bleachers to get help from somebody, anybody, maybe even a cop if she was lucky. She panicked as the crowd of chuckling locals, drinking beer, and eating popcorn, were gone. The bleachers were empty.

Trinity stumbled out of the tent and she slipped in the mud. The moon was bright. She knew when the moon was this bright that she better be careful as werewolves would be skulking about. She mumbled to herself “Be careful of the werewolves.” Trinity repeated herself again and again out loud as she knew she was right. It was at that moment she saw three shadows of werewolves against the side of the concession tent and they were coming towards her.

Trinity darted left, and then double backed to the elephant pit and hid behind the feeding trough. Shaking from head to toe, whimpers slipped by her lips. She can taste the alcohol from the seltzer bottle that was sprayed onto her face and in her mouth from the baby clown with the blood red balloon.

Something touched her shoulder, and she felt lighting hit her spine with fear. She reeled around to see the face of the werewolves, but they were gone. The touch came from an elephant. The elephant was alerting her to take a look back at the main circus tent. An army of clowns were coming out of the main tent. This time they had real blood red hammers and hatchets instead of the blow-up props in the preshow.

Trinity flashbacked to the clowns staring at her while she sat in the spotlight. How they were not blinking, and how they tilted there heads back and forth like curious dogs. A quick headshake brought her back to present time. Thank god, as that was exactly what she needed to focus on the evil clowns coming her way.

There was a medical tent about a hundred feet away. Trinity sprinted and crawled under its side. Instantly she found a table to hide under. It took a minute or two, but Trinity gathered the courage to take a quick look around the room. She was looking for anything she could use to protect herself for the inevitable terrifying moment when she came face to face with a murderous clown.
Trinity’s eyes caught a medical chair like the ones she has seen in the dentist office. There was something different about this chair though, as It had a dead body in it. It was her childhood friend Katrina, drowned in her own blood.

Next to the chair lay a table with a tray of tools and instruments, seemingly destined for dental torture. The gruesome reality of the situation hit Trinity like a wave. Her head spinning as she further realized in horror that Katrina had died from being drowned from the blood oozing from her torn and tortured teeth and gums.

Trinity’s eyes fell upon a knife. The knife that was used to slit Katrina’s throat. She snatched it up and darted into a dark corner and awaited her fate in silence. It was eerily silent. It was even peaceful. She tried to become invisible as she reached and turned off the flickering blood covered lightbulb dangling from the center of the tent.

Instantly, a black cold rushed thru Trinity’s veins. She saw the shadows that were owned by the clowns. “Come here my queen” she heard a clown singing off to her left.

“Here queen our queen.” a second clown sung from off to her right. In an instant, a clown used his hatchet to slice the side of the medical tent. Trinity jumped out her skin, knocking the table over as she leapt. Instantly, she stood up straight, as a third clown swung a dagger at her head. Trinity ducked and dove to the left. Trinity regained her balance and another clown with at baton of fire swung down. Trinity side stepped to the left and then bent as the clown reloaded across her chest. Trinity summersaulted backward and dove thru the tear in the tent that the first clown had slit with their hatchet. Trinity stood up and looked for a new safe haven. There was one last tent, the clown tent.

In her delusional state of mind, due to her adrenaline and survival instincts, a perverted thought came to her. “Yes! Maybe I could beat the clowns on their home turf!” Trinity ran fast, breathing deep, moaning, to give her more energy to run. Finally, she arrived at the clown tent and pushed her way thru the front door.

Trinity came to a screeching stop, like her feet hit cement. In the center of the room were two thrones. The one on the right was empty, the one on the left sat the clown king that had taken her ticket. “Welcome my queen” the king said in a commanding yet comfortable way. “We have been waiting for you.”

The rest of the room was filled with dozens of clowns. There was the mama clown with the oversized bosom holding the baby clown that had a beard, a cigar, and a blood red balloon. There was the sad clown with the blood red frown, and the happy clown with the blood red nose. Yet they were not melting, actually at that moment they were, elegant.

The clown king rose, wearing the purple sash. “My queen, will you join me by my side, and sit in the throne of the queen?” He asked.

Trinity couldn’t speak. It was just too much to process. Trinity knew to say yes due to the danger she was in. She was cornered, outnumbered, and facing certain death. Her lips quivering as tears fell down her face. She went to say yes. But nothing came out.

“Fine then.” The king said. “You have sealed your fate. Smoke her!” He demanded. Just like that a clown car drove up. Clowns approached her one by one as they jumped out of the car. There must have been at least a dozen clowns that exited the car. Each and every clown walked up and blew smoke in her face. Each time the smoke got her higher and higher until she was queasy.

It was then she felt a bite on her neck and the blood started to gush out of her body as the pressure and she felt the pressure of someone sucking.

Trinity felt all the blood leave her body; she was spun around to face the sadistic sucker of blood. It was the vampire clown. There were a few circuses, a few counties over that rumored to have a vampire clown, but it was always told as a tall tale. An imaginary being that kids said they saw but obvious they were lying. Like those who claim to have seen Santa Claus. Just as believing in Santa makes him real, so does believing in the vampire clown.

Trinity fell to the ground and passed out. Her eyes fluttered like a butterfly before she slept. The sleep, a gateway to her dream, or her nightmare, either way maybe she would awake, and this terror be over.

Yet that was not the case. When she awoke, she was dressed in garb only fit for a clown queen. She recognized she was sitting in the queen’s throne. All clown eyes on her.

In a twist of fate, the clowns that entertained Trinity so much, all her life, that they became her favorite thing in the world, became her killer and condemned her to eternity.

She rose up. “I am the clown queen.” Trinity said. I am here to lead the evil that clowns hide in the shadows. We are an integral part of the balance of death.”

It was at that moment that Trinity realized that the circus was just a ruse, and that there was never anyone in the stands. It was just a setup for the clown demons to find their next prey. Most died like Katrina, and it was just a twist of fate that Trinity became their clown queen.

The next day the big tent was taken down, and the circus moved on to the next town over. A little boy named Bobby was first in line. He walked in, and was met by Trinity, the queen clown. She looked at his ticket, and motioned him to follow her to the chair in the center ring, underneath the spotlight.

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