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“Twisted Fate” Halloween Short Story Contest

Follow the darkness…
Terrify us with your foul fables.
Enter to win $250 and explore your twisted fate. Contest ends on October 30th.

The crimson blood drenched walls seemed to be breathing, almost gasping at the cruelty that they were witnessing. The stench of blood and urine was overwhelming, when she closed her eyes; his unforgiving voice resonated within her head. He lurked within the darkness behind her eyes. His presence was inescapable; he was taunting her within the isolation of her cell.

She realized that screaming was all in vein, she had tried once. That was when the man in the white cloak had come to take her to the torture chamber. This imposing figure worked for HIM. Strapping her to a table, the man in the cloak electrocuted her relentlessly. Excruciating bursts of electricity pierced her in a relentless manner, the torture continued until her body was so abused she lost consciousness, passing out into a state sheer comatose. An opportunity to sleep was something alien to her. Whenever she attempted to shut her eyes, he was there in the shadows, lurking, taunting. Laughing uncontrollably, he urged her to reach for the gun, all the time reminding her of what she was capable of achieving. “Pick it up, you know what is expected of you,” he muttered. She did what was asked, the sensation felt from holding a firearm was comforting, almost soothing. “When you are finished, dissect the bodies.” She followed his orders, dissecting each victim in a robotic manner. Naively, she imagined that once she had completed the gruesome task at hand he would disappear, leave her in peace. But he didn’t disappear, and peace would never again be realized. He sent for her regularly, his accomplice in the white cloak grabbing her, never once uttering a single word. Her world was now something gripped by unspeakable evil, where walls dripped with blood. That horrible stench filled her nostrils; his laughter was incessant, his face hidden in the darkness behind her eyes. She dare not scream, if she did, the man in the cloak may conduct one of his torturous experiments again. She could see no escape; there was no way out, just an ominous cul-de-sac. “I heard them say she is Satan in the flesh, pure evil,” she heard someone whisper. And then, unexpectedly, there was a moment of silence. The laughter ceased, the blood stopped dripping, the stench disappeared. Her body shook, she coughed uncontrollably, opening her eyes, she realized she was lying in a bed, strapped down. There stood a doctor and a police officer. “Susan, don’t be alarmed, you are in safe hands now. Do you remember what occurred earlier?” asked the doctor. Tears streamed down her face, she remembered all too well, the police officer recalled the gruesome set of affairs, piece by piece. She had shot her mother and father, and then proceeded to dissect their bodies. The police had discovered the elderly couples remains stashed in the freezer. Susan’s unspeakable cruelty was now international news.

“You have accomplished what was expected of you,” he had whispered.

Closing her eyes, the hideous laughter re-emerged.

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