First Class Male

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First Class Male

Clara looked out her window and gazed longingly at the twinkling stars above the bare trees in her yard. Sheets of wind swept the colorful leaves across the street in a rhythmic pattern to the rise and fall of her chest. The crinkling noise filled her with tranquility as she drew her tongue against the edge of the envelope. She turned it over and smiled as she read his name. Derek Waterman. Inmate #052783. She had only been writing him for a few months with the low expectation of receiving any response. To her surprise, she underestimated his hastiness in searching for the perfect audience to boast about his atrocities.

Derek was convicted a short time ago for the infamous and brutal murder of sixteen innocent people. His victims were faceless when he reminisced of his self-proclaimed conquers. He was proud that he didn’t feel the compulsion to discriminate against race, age, or gender when it came to choosing. He knew which ones were deserving of his time at first sight. Derek’s heart would start thumping faster than a warrior’s drum in battle every time he heard his accomplishments being broadcast to millions of people across the country. He knew that Waterman was already a name spoken in every home and women swooned over his iconic face. That chiseled jaw, wavy, sandy brown hair, perfect smile, and glowing green eyes won the hearts of the population despite his heinous crimes. To Derek, Clara was just another adoring fan that idolized him and what he had done.

As the stamp was securely placed in the corner of the crisp, white, envelope, it never crossed Clara’s mind that the letter would never be delivered. It would never reach the protagonist of her promising, future book. She had enough material to fill hundreds of pages and more. Unware of why, she felt compelled to continue the correspondence, despite everyone warning her that it was not a good idea. This evil man had committed appalling acts against humanity that secured him a lifelong residency in the state penitentiary.

Derek had treated all of his victims in the same, horrid manner. He would use his charm and sparkling smile to lure them in to his falsely, securing arms. He assured them that if they cooperated, they would return to their loved ones. As a savvy and successful businessman, no one suspected that anything was out of the ordinary for years. Derek worked his way through college doing every job that he could so that one day, he could run these businesses himself. One of the many skills that he acquired was that of a butcher in a local deli. There was always a fascination for control over another living being’s fate looming inside. After graduation, he eventually purchased the deli where his victims eventually met their traumatic demise. The idea that the human flesh tasted it’s finest after being in distress for long periods of time consumed Derek. He would seclude and torture his chosen ones in ways that no ordinary human being could imagine until he felt the meat was ready for butchering. The meat was then served, happily, to the town’s residents. It was consumed by everyone for years, unknowingly.

Clara cringed at the image of his pearly smile being the last image these people saw as they screamed out in pain for their last breath. The whites in their eyes reflected back at this monster matched the clean, white envelope that she was grasping so tightly in front of the cold, blue, mailbox. She dropped the letter inside just as a large, firm hand clutched her shoulder and spun her around before should could react. A stunningly, tall, and graceful man stood in front of her now with emerald eyes looking back at her with the intention of being genuine, but reflected nothing but emptiness. Her heart stopped and she sucked in her breath with no way to release it. Derek knew who she was and sought her out immediately after fleeing from the van that was transferring him to another prison out of state. He couldn’t miss his last chance to meet the woman that had so swiftly captured his attention. He knew she was worthy of his time, just like the others.

A strong, bitter, breeze picked up and blasted Clara in the face. It broke her out of the state of shock and plunged her in to the reality that this was the opportunity she didn’t know that she had longed for. The hollow, cruel person standing in front of her had ruined her life. Neil, her younger brother, was persuaded by Derek to apply for a job at the deli and became his twelfth victim. Clara and her family had frequented the shop for many needs for meals, before and after Neil went missing. Once her family digested the horror of ingesting their son, as well as other previous members of the quaint town, they tragically took their own lives. This had left Clara alone, and full of rage. Her heart was now beating so hard out of her chest that she thought she might have to catch it midair.

Derek reached out and gently swiped the back of his hand against her blushed cheek. Without blinking, Clara’s hand reached up and snapped his fingers backwards as if she were breaking carrot sticks. He screeched in pain and she pushed him, forcefully, head first towards the mailbox. His head made immediate contact with the stiff, unforgiving metal and he couldn’t see clearly. She whispered in his ear, “Neil”, as she opened the mailbox door. Clara channeled every microfiber of strength she had to thrust his head in the opening. Over and over and over she opened and closed the door with brute force, crushing his neck. Derek’s body lay slumped over, hanging lifeless, but this was not enough for her. She thought that everyone deserved one last look at the monumental man they all worshipped across the country.

Morning frost covered the grass as the sun rose slowly in the fog. The town started their hustle and bustle for the day. As the first onlooker abruptly halted in the middle of the road with eyes wide, the crowd began to gather. Just in front of them was the head of the monster that had ruined all of their lives. Some cried, others clapped, but a sense of calm unanimously blanketed everyone. No one would ever seek the carrier that delivered such a blessing for this town’s future.

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